Storage and usage instruction for grass straws

While working with our clients, we are discussing a lot of things, and besides the price, and the safety of grass straws, almost all of our customers are very interested in knowing how to efficiently store grass straws and how to properly use them. Some people decide to buy cheap non-brand drinking grass straws because of their low price, but they often can not store them with needed care and in time the straws are getting moldy. That is a bad situation for the customers and can deeply affect other companies. is ready to share some of the insights on how to safely store grass straws and also on how to use them. There is one big difference from the other straws. The grass straws are made only from natural grass, which is called Lepironia articulata, so they will need some extra care and proper storage. The grass straws are available in two types and can be either fresh or dried. They have a range of differences in

Production of natural grass straws

The grass is found in almost every tropical area in the world. Scientific name (Lepironia articulata), species of Articulata, and genus is the Lepironia Sedge. It has a short strong outer layer that is almost 8 mm wide and not more than 1.5 m high. Its ribs are horizontal contain 3-4 sheaths. Gie’s flowers in the top are about 1 cm square. It is an aquatic plant found near water sources. These grasses are perfect for use as a straw instead of the plastics ones. They are 100 percent organic and natural. We can save the world from plastic pollution if we use them like straw. How to produce natural green grass straws ? The production process of these grass straws is so simple and easy. The grass can be grown and harvested easily. You just have to follow several steps to turn the natural grass into a useful straw. You don’t have to set up a big industry for the production. Even, no big instruments are required for

A day of one farmer making grass straws

Right now we are making the finished version of the product called “grass straw” which we developed after a lot of proceeding production processes. This achievement is not solely the result of the work by the company called Ecolife but also of the hard work of the farmers, spending their time in sweated labor day after day to make the best possible grass straws by the highest standards of production. In this article, we are going to look at one of the farmer’s family working on the Lepironia articulata grass farm to understand how the day of work of the Vietnamese farmer looks like. What are the grass straws? Grass drinking straws are made from the specially selected stems of grass. But not any sort of grass will be appropriate for making straws, and these Vietnamese grass straws produced by are made only from the local grass called Lepironia articulata. Lepironia articulata is a sort of grass that grows only in Southeast Asia and has a perfectly circular
The Best time to use green grass straws is now
100% natural materials without using any additional preservatives and without anti-termites

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