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Answers to the most asked questions in 2023 about biodegradable straws
One of the biggest global problems right now is the contamination of the environment with plastic waste, as each year there are over three hundred million tons of plastic waste being dumped all over the world. That is a lot considering that plastic normally takes over 500 years to decompose in the environment on its own, imagine how terrible it will be in the future with that amount of plastic excess. Most people don't even think about it.

How to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world?

There are a lot of suggestions beckoning for the limitations in the use of plastic all around the world, but right now the efficiency is far from being high as plastic products are very convenient and usually much cheaper than the competition.

Besides attempts for limiting the use of plastic, there are also developments in finding alternatives to it as a long-term solution.

What exactly are biodegradable straws?

Technically, you can say that all straws can be considered biodegradable, but the biggest difference between them is the time it takes them to decompose. It fully depends on the material they are made of, and the decomposition time can be just a few months for paper, up to 100 years for tin, while for plastic it can take from 500 years and beyond.

There are more and more companies who care about decomposition time. In Vietnam, for example, you can find several manufacturers that research, produce, and supply eco-friendly straws made using wild grass, a material with a decomposition time of just 3 months. That makes them perfectly biodegradable and you can safely call them environmentally harmless drinking straws. These biodegradable drinking straws can be a great idea to protect our environment.

How important is the impact on the environment because of straws ?

Millions of harmful drinking straws are now used every day all around the world, and replacing them with some more ecological straws can greatly reduce the mass of plastic waste in the environment.

The straw that can really be called biodegradable has to be made of such material that can decompose in a time of no more than one year. There is a lot of such straws on the market and you can choose between bamboo straws, glass straws, rice straws, etc.

Should I use biodegradable straws?

The short answer would be “yes”, but it is important to find truly environmentally friendly straws. There are several factors environmentally safe straws have to meet:

  • They must have a short decomposition time of no more than 1 year. We have mentioned before that almost all of the material used in the production of straws can be called biodegradable, but it is essential for them to have the shortest decomposition time possible to cause less harm to nature. Grass straws and rice straws are one of those.
  • The material has to be natural. The straws should be made from the material that has verified origins, as the wood produced in the deforested areas is not technically illegal, but still causes harm to the environment. The material has to be planted in a short time to not change the environment.
  • The lack of chemical additions. Throughout the production, no chemicals have to be added to the straws to ensure that the product is natural.
  • No added plastic. Besides the chemicals, there also has to be no added plastic in the production process, to ensure that no harm to the environment is done.

Are products made from Lepironia the only plastic-free alternative products ?

You can now find more biodegradable products than before as well as products for environmental protection. It has become a popular trend, and many companies have been working hard to find alternatives for harmful plastic products.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about one of the newest eco-friendly products that can effectively replace single-use plastic products, which is called grass straw.

What kind of straws is the safest for the environment?

There are a lot of kinds of compostable straws, and to answer the question of which of them are the safest for the environment we should go through the most popular ones: paper straws, bamboo straws, rice straws, and grass straws. All of them are biodegradable but after careful examination, we came to the conclusion that grass straws are the safest for the environment, and there are several reasons for that.

They are absolutely natural because made only from grass, single-use, fully biodegradable after just three months, do not have any added plastic or chemicals, do not cause pain to the teeth or gums, do not alter the taste of your drinks, and do not harm the forest.

Who should switch to biodegradable straws?

There are no real downsides for them, so all of the people who commonly use straws for drinking should switch to biodegradable ones. When everybody will start to use biodegradable drinking straws, we will be able to reduce the amount of plastic waste all over the world a lot and make our planet greener. You can assist in reaching this goal by encouraging your friends to do so.

Where can I buy biodegradable drinking straws?

Now you know much more about the advantages of biodegradable drinking straws, so you might want to know where to buy them. The first thing most people would do is to search the internet about it, but there is a lot of information and you should verify everything carefully before making the purchase.

The tips for you include checking if the company has a website, a clearly written address and if it has its own factory. The company should also have a good brand name, some sort of export experience, a quality certification, must commit to the perfect delivery time, and has a team that can support the importer.

What our Lepironia staw look like ?
You may find different providers of Lepironia staws in China and Vietnam. Most of them are using similar processes to grow, cut, dry and package those straws in boxes.
lepironia grass straw
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