You are about to discover ... A UNIQUE PRODUCT THAT CAN MAKE A BIG IMPACT Plastic-alternative green grass straws are one of the product everyone should know
with a low ecological footprint, soggy free and cost-effective.
WE WORK WITH LOCAL FARMERS IN MEKONG DELTA Who are growing and harvesting Lepironia grass The processes are 100% natural without the use of pesticides Lepironia green grass straws are eco-friendly initiatives
of small and local enterprises to replace plastic straws.
Advantages of plastic-free grass straw alternative ADVANTAGES OF LEPIRONIA STRAWS OVER OTHER ALTERNATIVES Pleasant to use Duration in Liquids Compostable Soggy free No chemicals Flavorless Our certificates, tests and seen on for Lepironia WE MAKE HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS CERTIFIED TO EXPORT Discover our green grass straw Check out our 100% biodegradable Lepironia GRASS STRAWS We can ship to Europe and the USA for HORECA businesses.
If you are an importer or a hospitality business owner, ask us for a sample.
Supplier of Green Grass Straws
The best alternative of plastic straws
We work with reputable farmers and manufacturers to ensure product quality and production capability. With experience exporting to the European market, we offer flexible options for customized B2B orders.

Production Capability

Export Ability

International Standards

100% Natural

Some Facts
Straws made from Lepironia (also known as the grey sedge) have been manufactured since 2018.
The main difference with other straw alternatives is that they are not soggy free, pleasant to use and long-lasting providing a high experience. These advantages offer Lepironia straws an opportunity to become one of the main product replacing paper straws in the upcoming years. Restaurants, bars and hotels in Vietnam are already using them on a massive scale... And they just started to be distributed in Europe and the United States.


Staws used per day


For 100 pcs of green grass straws


Farmers in Mekong Delta Growing Lepironia
word from the founder
``Sustainability is an essential responsible commitment that every enterprise should prioritize when conducting business. At Lepironia, we understand the impact of our actions on the environment and have made it our mission to transform the HORECA industry by offering innovative, eco-friendly products. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just delivering green products - it involves a holistic approach to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote environmental responsibility. By choosing us, customers can trust that they are not only receiving high-quality products but also contributing to a better, more sustainable future for all.``
-- Yen LE
Video Tour
Our team is passionate about alternative products to plastic. We're proud to work with farmers and suppliers who care about fair trade and sustainability in order to bring high quality straws to the world. In this video, you will learn about the production process from harvesting, cutting, cleaning and packaging our 100% biodegradable Lepironia grass straws.

Our B2B service

Our A-Z services for B2B include :

  • Assisting with different shipping terms (FOB, CIF, DDP, DAP)
  • Packaging customization
  • Flexible MOQs
  • Obtaining documents required for export/import
  • English and French speaking staff




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Grass replace plastic straws such as Lepironia contribute to improving consumer health and environmental protection. Taking this baby step can definitely change the face of the future.
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From pollution to straws made from alternative of plastic (production, daily life of a farmer or even best practices to use the Lepironia green grass straws), read all the news : problems and solutions if you want to be part of this green eco-friendly movement.
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