Go GREEN SAVE THE WORLD BY DOING ONE BABY STEP Plastic-alternative green grass straws are one of the product everyone could use
to solve the consecutive amount of trashes and fight against the pollution.
HELP US TO SAVE OUR PLANET Even just a small action can make huge impacts.
Lepironia grass straws made since 2018
Our farmers are working daily to cut some natural lepironia leading to straws in Mekong Delta

100% natural

100% SAFE

Grown in Mekong Delta

Up to 12 months storage

Some Facts
100% natural organic product - No preservatives required.
The biggest difference from the other straws is that grass straws are made from 100% natural materials without using any additional preservatives, as opposed to rice straws or paper straws, and without anti-termites, which you can find in bamboo straws and reed straws. All of these additions are not good for your health, which makes grass straws superior.


Staws used per day


For 100 pcs of green grass straws


Farmers in Mekong Delta Growing Lepironia
word from the founder
``Before founding Lepironia.com, I was using other alternatives of plastic straws such as bamboo, rice or paper ones. But since I discovered that most of them are not 100% natural, I decided to find how I can get safe and long-lasting straws. Living in Vietnam for 4 years, involved in the entrepreneurship community, I decided to take action and provide Lepironia Articulata products that are 100% safe and green.`` -- Ashley Rouvant
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Grass replace plastic straws such as Lepironia contribute to improving consumer health and environmental protection. Taking this baby step can definitely change the face of the future.
Latest News
From pollution to straws made from alternative of plastic (production, daily life of a farmer or even best practices to use the Lepironia green grass straws), read all the news : problems and solutions if you want to be part of this green eco-friendly movement.
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The Best time to use green grass straws is now
100% natural materials without using any additional preservatives and without anti-termites

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