A day of one farmer making grass straws

Right now we are making the finished version of the product called “grass straw” which we developed after a lot of proceeding production processes. This achievement is not solely the result of the work by the company called Ecolife but also of the hard work of the farmers, spending their time in sweated labor day after day to make the best possible grass straws by the highest standards of production. In this article, we are going to look at one of the farmer’s family working on the Lepironia articulata grass farm to understand how the day of work of the Vietnamese farmer looks like.

What are the grass straws?

Grass drinking straws are made from the specially selected stems of grass. But not any sort of grass will be appropriate for making straws, and these Vietnamese grass straws produced by Lepironia.com are made only from the local grass called Lepironia articulata.

Lepironia articulata is a sort of grass that grows only in Southeast Asia and has a perfectly circular structure inside. It is natural and easy to plant, which is why this grass is used to make environmentally-friendly drinking straws.

Starting the new day

Bay’s family starts each new day rather early when the sun hasn’t even appeared yet. The first thing in the morning is personal hygiene and then the family is having breakfast with some rice or instant noodles. Then the farmer drinks his tea and smokes while he is waiting for his wife to prepare the food for their lunch. He then checks again the package with tools, which include a knife, a sickle, some food for lunch, water, mobile phone, medical oil, and also the special liquor both for the farmer and his friend.

With that, the preparations are over and when everything is ready, he and his wife are going together on a beautiful road during the sunrise, with pure air around them, and the bird’s songs. The farmers often have a beautiful day in nature, which gives them enough power for the entire working day.

Getting to the farm

It usually takes about thirty minutes to go from the farmer’s house to their Lepironia articulata grass farm. On their way, they often meet the neighbor farmer, say the usual morning hello while setting the appointment for their lunch together with the meals from both families. Typically the lunch consists of natural food, rice, some wine, and sometimes something to eat later while they are working. This is the special kind of generosity people from the South enjoy in their life.

After the morning greetings and setting of the lunch appointment, they start their main job on the farm. The men are going to collect the Lepironia articulata grass, and the women will select the good stems and pack them for the supplier. Based on the number of orders and the required quantity, in one day the farmer can collect up to 50 packages. The package is the unit of measure on the farm, and it is equal to the length of the farmer’s arm. Besides their main job, the farmers have to care for the farm and deal with such things as weeding the ground, fertilizing it, and balancing the water supply to make a better environment for the growth of Lepironia articulata grass.

Selecting the best stems and having a lunch

Only the best Lepironia articulata stems, which measure to the highest standards for the grass straws are going to be collected. First of all the farmer is going to use the sickle to cut the strong stems of Lepironia articulata, and after about 15 minutes of work, he will take them to his wife, who will select only the best examples of Lepironia articulata grass. This work continues to go on until the sun is in the middle of the sky, and only then they can stop for lunch and take some rest after the afternoon working.

This is going to be a simple lunch with some stewed fish and spinach that was prepared before the working day. The typical lunch of a Vietnamese family living in Mekong Delta is having sour soup, some vegetables and rice. As the afternoon is quite long, they usually also have two snacks while working. While their wives prepare the lunch, the men are going to grill some snacks for lunch. A few minutes later, everything is ready, and they have a nice lunch and share their life stories. Their faces are a little bit muddy after work, but they have freedom, although some anxiety as well. After their lunch is finished, they just sit around and drink tea, and the men also smoke a bit more to relax and prepare for the afternoon.

The working day is over

Today was a good day of work, and they have gathered 40 packages of high-standard grass stems. Then they are checking their tools and looking around their farm of Lepironia articulata grass while waiting for the supplier’s arrival. With the current price of grass stems of 35 thousand VND per package, today’s income of Bay’s families is around 1,4 million VND. It is not that high but enough for them to get their usual daily and monthly fees. The only small dream they have is that Lepironia articulata would grow abundantly, there were no pests and grass straws had a good price on the market for them to be comfortable with their jobs.

They are going back home with the sunset, it is nice and peaceful around, but they do not forget their worries and anxiety. Besides developing and standardizing the production process, Lepironia.com is going to commit to buying enough of the Lepironia articulata grass stems from the farmer like Bay’s families in order to help them focus their jobs. Lepironia.com has a high standard of materials and enough big orders from all over the world.