Storage and usage instruction for grass straws

While working with our clients, we are discussing a lot of things, and besides the price, and the safety of grass straws, almost all of our customers are very interested in knowing how to efficiently store grass straws and how to properly use them. Some people decide to buy cheap non-brand drinking grass straws because of their low price, but they often can not store them with needed care and in time the straws are getting moldy. That is a bad situation for the customers and can deeply affect other companies. is ready to share some of the insights on how to safely store grass straws and also on how to use them. There is one big difference from the other straws. The grass straws are made only from natural grass, which is called Lepironia articulata, so they will need some extra care and proper storage. The grass straws are available in two types and can be either fresh or dried. They have a range of differences in the production process and in the storage conditions. Let’s first take a look at the fresh grass straws.

How are fresh grass straws being made?

The fresh grass straws are made from natural Vietnamese grass called Lepironia articulata, which has to be more than 1 year old. The production process looks like this: the grass is first being cut, then insides are getting clean and washed with ozone to ensure that straws are clear from bacteria and are safe to use. The fresh grass straws are not getting dried, and just stored in the special Styrofoam box in order to keep the fresh straws safe during the delivery and to keep them fresh.

How to safely store the fresh grass straws?

The fresh grass straw is not a dried product, so it requires careful storage. After receiving the batch of fresh grass straws from the factory, we are immediately storing them in the fridge. Because the straws are fresh, they have only a short time of storage, and according to the guidelines provided by the factory, the fresh grass straws have to be used within seven days from the production. You will have to throw it away if you will not use them within seven days, and the straws will simply organically decompose. Even though fresh grass straws have an advantage in price, they are still less popular because of the shorter time for use.

How to properly use the fresh grass straws?

The fresh grass straws have to be stored in the fridge at all times and used normally just like the others. For individual use, you can reuse them for one day, but they have to be used only one time in the cafes or restaurants, so don’t try to wash them. The fresh grass straws always have a distinctive green color and the characteristic aroma of the fresh grass, which makes using them a really enjoyable experience. Now let’s talk about the dried grass straws.

How are the dried grass straws being made?

The dried grass straws at first follow the exact same production process as the fresh ones and then have an additional step for drying, which helps these straws to keep their properties during more than 12 months of storage. The exact expiration time depends on the technology of drying. It is very easy to move them around, store them, and export them. Besides that, the dried grass straws can be stored in nice-looking packages. The biggest difference from the other straws is that grass straws are made from 100% natural materials without using any additional preservatives, as opposed to rice straws or paper straws, and without anti-termites, which you can find in bamboo straws and reed straws. All of these additions are not good for your health, which makes grass straws superior.

How to safely store dried grass straws

There are a lot of clients who ask about the best way to keep dried grass straws and save them from humidity. Our dried grass straws made by have been specifically optimized during the drying process to make sure they can be safely stored for more than 12 months. And besides that, each of the straw boxes has an added desiccant pack in order to help the straws keep being dry. So, it is actually fairly easy to keep the straws, we only have to put them in the dry environment, provide them with cool air, and the straws can be stored for a long time without any changes in the quality. The clients living in places with high humidity have to ensure the straws are avoiding moisture during storage.

How can I use the dried grass straws?

The dried type of grass straws is more convenient, and they can be safely used for both hot or cold drinks. These straws can be used all day long without altering the taste and color of your drink. The dried grass straws are distinctive with their golden yellow color and rich fragrance of the grass, which adds to the enjoyable experience. When you are using dried grass straws, you can always feel the difference as they are absolutely environmentally friendly and completely natural. It is very important for our customers because most countries in the world right now care greatly about environmental protection.


We had answered all of your questions about the usage and storage of both kinds of grass straws, and you now know how to store dried and fresh grass straws and how to use them.
In the end, it is pretty easy to safely store and use our grass straws, so the most important part for you is to find the best company to ensure the delivery capacity and good quality.