Safely Storing and Using Grass Straws: Insights from

When it comes to grass straws, our clients often have questions beyond price and safety concerns. Efficiently storing grass straws and using them properly are key aspects of customer satisfaction. While some people opt for cheap non-brand grass straws due to their affordability, improper storage can lead to mold growth, resulting in dissatisfaction and potential negative impacts on other businesses.

At, we are ready to share valuable insights on how to store and use grass straws effectively. These unique straws, made solely from natural Lepironia articulata grass, require extra care and specific storage methods. There are two types of grass straws available: fresh and dried. Each type has distinct production processes and storage requirements. Let’s delve into the details, starting with fresh grass straws.

Fresh Grass Straws: Production and Storage

Fresh grass straws are crafted from mature Vietnamese Lepironia articulata grass, aged over one year. The production process involves cutting the grass, cleaning the insides, and washing them with ozone to ensure bacteria-free and safe straws. Unlike dried grass straws, the fresh ones are not subjected to drying. Instead, they are stored in special Styrofoam boxes to preserve their freshness during transportation.

To safely store fresh grass straws, immediate refrigeration is crucial upon receiving the batch from the factory. Since fresh straws have a shorter shelf life, guidelines recommend using them within seven days of production. Failing to do so will result in organic decomposition, rendering them unsuitable for use. Although fresh grass straws offer affordability, their popularity is somewhat limited due to the limited usage window.

Proper Usage of Fresh Grass Straws

Fresh grass straws stored in the refrigerator can be used just like any other straw. For individual use, they can be reused for one day. However, in cafes or restaurants, fresh grass straws should only be used once, without attempts to wash and reuse them. These straws boast a distinctive green color and the pleasant aroma of fresh grass, providing an enjoyable drinking experience. Now, let’s shift our focus to dried grass straws.

Dried Grass Straws: Production and Storage

Dried grass straws undergo the same production process as fresh straws, with an additional step for drying. This extra measure ensures the straws retain their properties for over 12 months of storage. The specific drying technology determines the exact expiration timeframe. Dried grass straws are easily portable, storable, and exportable. They can also be packaged attractively. Notably, unlike rice straws or paper straws that may contain preservatives, and bamboo or reed straws that utilize anti-termite agents, grass straws are 100% natural, making them superior for health-conscious individuals.

Safely Storing Dried Grass Straws

Clients often inquire about the best methods for storing dried grass straws to protect them from humidity. At, our dried grass straws are meticulously optimized during the drying process to ensure safe storage for more than 12 months. Each straw box includes a desiccant pack to maintain dryness. Storing the straws in a dry environment with adequate ventilation guarantees their longevity without compromising quality. Customers residing in high-humidity regions must take extra precautions to shield the straws from moisture during storage.

Using Dried Grass Straws

Dried grass straws are exceptionally versatile, suitable for both hot and cold beverages. They can be used throughout the day without altering the taste or color of the drink. With their golden yellow hue and the fragrant essence of grass, dried grass straws provide a unique and enjoyable drinking experience.

Environmentally conscious consumers appreciate their complete naturalness and eco-friendliness. In a world where environmental protection is paramount, using dried grass straws aligns with global concerns.

We have provided comprehensive answers regarding the usage and storage of both types of grass straws. Now equipped with knowledge on storing fresh and dried grass straws, as well as proper usage guidelines, you can confidently embrace these eco-friendly alternatives.

Remember, finding a reputable company that ensures reliable delivery and excellent quality is crucial in ensuring a seamless experience. Safely storing and using grass straws is simple, and we encourage you to prioritize sustainability and make a positive environmental impact.